Our Wide Range of Products

Jemiclad is available in an increasing number of finishes and colours, so there is likely to be an option just right for your job:

Jemiclad Pro - 2.5mm subtle-coloured satin-finished panels, ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Jemiclad Supreme - 2.5mm subtle-coloured gloss-finished panels, practical in a variety of environments

Jemiclad Ablaze - 2.5mm panels that are very similar to the Supreme range, but are available in a range of bold colours

Jemiclad PhotoJemic - 2.5mm panels that let you believe in your ideas to create your image that is hygienic and durable

Jemiclad Earth - 2.5mm panels that create a sanitary environment. A versatile panel that comes in a broad range of colours

Jemiclad FR - Our fire resistant panel that boasts the lowest smoke rating on the market at Class O

Jemiclad Protect & Defend - A new anti-microbial panel that is ideal for use in environments needing the highest level of hygiene

Jemiclad Sureclad - A 2.0mm panel system created for the catering and back-of-house environments. Sureclad is easy to work with and has all the technology of our other ranges, including a Class 0 fire rating. We do not recommend welding Sureclad.

Jemiclad Cocina Clad - The hygienic pvc wall cladding system used by catering professionals across the globe, replacing the outdated FRP systems.

Jemiclad Maximus - Maximum clarity, maximum impact. Rear printed PVC panels that give maximum impact to you image while offering ultimate protection.

Jemiclad Jemipod - The complete IPS solution.

Jemiclad is stocked, supplied and specified throughout the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland and UAE.